Quotes of the Week 043

Quotes of the Week 043

Chamath Palihapitiya on the claim that Facebook is a platform:

"This isn't a platform. A platform is when the economic value of everybody that uses it, exceeds the value of the company that creates it. Then it's a platform"

Ben Thompson (Stratechery):

"This is ultimately the most important distinction between platforms and aggregators: platforms are powerful because they facilitate a relationship between 3rd-party suppliers and end users; aggregators, on the other hand, intermediate and control it"

Kleiner Perkins:

"We use data to tell stories of business-related trends we focus on"

Tim Gong Yu (CEO, iQiyi):

"Our business model is more like Disney's than Netflix's"

Alex Sinclair (CTO, GSMA) on the maturing NB-IoT market:

"we anticipate that this will be the year that Mobile IoT scales. Only licensed, managed mobile services can provide the secure low power connection that can meet future demand"

Qualcomm & friends on their V2X technology:

"results show a significant range, reliability, and performance advantage of C-V2X direct communications, with more than twice the range and improved reliability compared to 802.11p radio technology"

Jon Evans on the state of AR/VR:

"I dropped by the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara this week, and my main takeaway was that the industry has essentially abandoned the consumer AR/VR space, at least for now. Everyone's aiming at AR/VR for work now"

CIMIcorp on the need for service lifecycle automation:

"Users cannot manage structurally diverse resource pools associated with virtualization; it's not possible for them to even know what is being done down there"

Bernard Arnault (CEO, LVMH):

"Champagne is eternal. Facebook, I don't know"