Quotes of the Week 038

Quotes of the Week 038

Dan Jones (Light Reading) on the Sprint - T-Mobile Merger:

“the ‘new’ T-Mobile plans to slim down to 85k towers from the combined footprint of 110k now. Combining radio assets on the towers could further cut OPEX costs for the proposed carrier”

Ajay Agrawal (via kottke) on AI:

“So as the value of human prediction falls, the value of human judgment goes up because AI doesn’t do judgment”

Seth Godin on GDPR’s impact on marketing:

“GDPR is a net positive for people with something to say, something to sell or something to change. Because the noise will go down and trust will go up”

Tom Nolle (cimicorp):

“The biggest barrier to the unity of 5G and edge computing for low-latency applications is managing the ‘first cost’”

Mark Modzelewski (Treeline Interactive):

“Smart cities are not very smart--they are connected”

Azeem Azhar:

“Facebook does not sell your data. What Facebook does is harvest your attention”

Glenn Fleishman:

“95% of ATM transactions pass through COBOL programs, 80% of in-person transactions rely on them, and over 40% of banks still use COBOL as the foundation of their systems”

Harold Jarche:

“automation + capitalism = a perfect storm”

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead lead guitarist):

“It’s not enough to be the best at what you do. You must be perceived as the only one who does what you do”