July 2018

Quotes of the Week 046

Volker Held (Nokia) on the 3 killer apps for 5G:

"Automotive, logistics and Industry 4.0"

Tom Nolle (CimiCorp):

"The credibility of IoT as a 5G driver, or indeed as a driver of anything, is still a question"

Dan Jones (Light Reading) on 5G speeds:

"users of actual mobile 5G services will not be experiencing gigabit -- or close to gigabit -- downloads via mobile 5G in the near future"

Ian Morris (Light Reeding) on Europe's 5G lag:

Quotes of the Week 045

Liu Aili  (President, China Telecom):

"When we have fierce competition, industry value reduction is prominent"

John Legere (CEO, T-Mobile):

"We'll make sure that America wins the global 5G race"

Martin Sauter on the definition of network slicing:

"Allow a UE to connect to more than one core network at the same time"

ABI Research: