May 2018

Quotes of the Week 041

Press Trust of India on average monthly data consumption:

"June 2014: 70.10MB.   Sept. 2017: 1.6GB"

James Feger (CenturyLink):

"Trust the automation so your best people can be put to work on other things"

Crunchbase heading:

"With at least $1.3bln invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals"

Toni Vitale (Winckworth Sherwood) on all those GDPR e-mails:

Quotes of the Week 040

Michel Combes (incoming CEO, T-Mobile) on their network aspirations:

"We intend within four to five years to reach 450Mbps average speed per subscriber" 

Magna (research firm) on US TV advertising decline:

"national ad sales fell 2.2% in 2017 and are forecast to decline at least 2% annually through to 2022"

Ralph Heim (VP Sonic Drive-In) on TV ad targeting:

Quotes of the Week 039

Lowell McAdam (CEO, Verizon Wireless) on announcing 5G in LA:

"5G is a lot closer than people think"

Gayle Levin (Riverbed Technologies) on using SD-WAN:

"Manage centrally, orchestrate globally, deploy remotely"

Ed Morche (CenturyLink) on 2B wireline customers complaints:

"Their feedback to me is that they can't even find a sales rep anymore. If I want to buy a handset, they're all over me, but if I want to go and add additional MPLS connections, I can't find any support'"

Quotes of the Week 038

Dan Jones (Light Reading) on the Sprint - T-Mobile Merger:

“the ‘new’ T-Mobile plans to slim down to 85k towers from the combined footprint of 110k now. Combining radio assets on the towers could further cut OPEX costs for the proposed carrier”

Ajay Agrawal (via kottke) on AI:

“So as the value of human prediction falls, the value of human judgment goes up because AI doesn’t do judgment”

Seth Godin on GDPR’s impact on marketing: