March 2018

Quotes of the Week 032

Samuel P. L. Veissière et al:

"We are not addicted to smartphones, we are addicted to social interaction"

Alan Breznick (Light Reading) on the US cable industry:

"broadband revenues will soon catch up to and then exceed video revenues for the cable industry, as broadband profits and subscribers have for some time"

Francesca Bria (Barcelona CTO):

Quotes of the Week 031

Light Reading on China Telecom:

"1.16mln LTE base stations: Daily traffic is up by 400% compared with 2016, with an average of 19,000 TB of data running over the mobile network infrastructure daily"

Frank Rayal on MWC18:

"The emerging trinity of 5G use cases is converging on fixed application in the US, mobile application in Korea and Japan and massive IoT in China"

Mukesh Ambani:

"300,000-500,000 Indians are migrating daily to Jio Phone"

Quotes of the Week 030

Michael Ronen (Managing partner, Softbank investment): on innovation:

"What's happening in China … cannot be described in words"

Marc Allera (EE) on the lack of 5G business case:

"the reality will be that we will have to assume that consumers and businesses will be prepared to pay a little bit more for faster, higher quality access to the internet"

Tom Nolle (CIMI corp):

Quotes of the Week 029

Ulrika Jägare (Ericsson) on their AI products impacting jobs:

"I see a significant impact in terms of reduced size [of telco organizations] and reskilling"

Chris Schmidt (Verizon) on 5G:

"(we) will be first with both fixed and mobile 5G in the US, starting with fixed 5G in the second half of this year and then moving to mobile 'as soon as possible'"

Mike Wright (Telstra) on 5G & CORD: