November 2017

Quotes of the Week 015

Nick Gliddon, (Director Vodafone Business Services) on NB-IoT in India:

"In terms of potential for IoT, we would focus on healthcare, education, energy, and automotive"

Gideon Greenspan (CEO of Coin Sciences):

"If your requirements are fulfilled by today's relational databases, you'd be insane to use a blockchain"

Fahim Sabir (director of architecture and development, Colt UK) on automation:

"Data quality is the silent killer… the thing that absolutely hurts"

Quotes of the Week 014

Kentaro Toyama on reducing poverty with technology:

"As a society, we haven't been so intent on eradicating poverty, as much as perhaps, on ever cleverer ways to guide us to the nearest cup of coffee. The technology is incredible, but our intent is not there"

TelcoTransformation on the rise of SD-WAN versus MPLS:

"The $2 Billion revenue gain for SD-WAN in 2018 might indicate potentially $10-16 Billion MPLS revenue erosion for major telcos, which becomes quite a serious wake-up alarm"

Quotes of the Week 013

David Hughes (PCCW Global):

Telecom today is "actually three businesses that run in parallel. Yes, you do have a legacy business but secondly, you need to be working on businesses that attract rapid growth and that model has different tools, different processes, different skills. Thirdly, you have to also be developing the things that might be coming in five to ten years, the bets"

Wired, on suggestion that facebook APPs are listening to your conversations:

Quotes of the Week 012

Alexander Nix (CEO of Cambridge Analytica) on IoT:

"As IoT grows, as we have sensors on everything: cars, fridges, TVs then data is going to become ubiquitous. Therefore the volume of data will increase, the price of data is going to go down. You won't be able to sell data in the way you can today"

Alex Polvi (CoreOS CEO) on container management:

...expects Amazon will introduce a managed Kubernetes service at its AWS re:Invent event.

"Kubernetes has clearly won the space"

Quotes of the Week 011


"A Machine Learning algorithm walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "What'll you have?" The algorithm says, "What's everyone else having?”

McRock Capital on transformation:

"If you hate change, you're going to like irrelevance even less"

Digital Guardian on Hilton Hotel’s $700k fine for 2 big data breaches:

"...come May 2018 when GDPR goes into effect, Hilton would be liable for $420m”

Steve Stine, AT&T CDO on data driving automation: